Amanda Wright Bouille  916 443 7631

Boats at Noyo Harbor
Mendocino, California
Oil on Canvas
My name is Amanda Wright Bouille I am an Artist living in Sacramento, California. My work is quite eclectic, covering a wide range of styles. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in painting and serigraphy from Pomona College in 1985. I later became a graphic designer after receiving a certificate from UC Davis Extension. From 1987 to 1993 I was admitted to and enrolled in the MFA program in Film animation at UCLA.
I worked in film and graphic design until 2001. In 2001 I left Los Angeles and moved back to Sacramento (where I grew up) to pursue my career as a fine artist. I have also been commissioned as a portrait artist, working in oil on canvas. I have also shown and sold various Studio Pieces.

Here are some samples of my work.